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Le propriétaire actuel est Rodmy Apolloni Ruiz. Cet objet lui vient probablement de Anna Zhang, qui est décédée au Vénézuela, la femme de Remy Xavier Splingaerd, bru de Paul Splingaerd. La famille Zhang est originaire de Lanzhou (chef-lieu de la province du Gansu) où il existe encore de nombreux ressortissants de la famille.
Anna Zhang
Anna Zhang (张子因)

L'objet est en voie de restauration.

The current owner of this fan is Rodmy Apolloni Ruiz of Venezuela. It probably came to him from his great-grandmother, Anna Zhang, wife of Remy Xavier Splingaerd, middle son of Paul Splingaerd. She spent her last years in Venezuela, but originally was from Lanzhou, capital of the province of Gansu, where her family owned a large tobacco plantation. Many Zhang relatives still live in that city, but some have moved to Beijing, Shanghai, and even Texas.
The fan is in the process of being restored.


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From: Xing Liu <xingliujiang@yahoo.com>

To: Splingaerd@aol.com

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 10:57:06 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: inscribed fan


Dear Anne,


My dad and his friend who is expert of ancient Chinese poem have got the poem interpreted. He also sent the interpretation to uncle Daquan for further update. The writer's name was Zhang Zi-Yin. My mom said that this is a female name and she's very possible a sister of my grandfather Zhang Zi-Hou. As known, the same first character of given name, Zi, meant that they were brother or sister in the family.


The poem on the fan combined the four poems of famous poet Du Fu ( A.D. 712--770 ) in Tang Dynasty. Ziyin wrote the poem to express her homesick feeling. It is hard for me to translate these into English. But if you need to know these in English, please just let me know and I will be pleased to find someone's help. I also searched the four original Du Fu's poems on line and attached them here.


Anne Splingaerd Megowan ayant sollicité plusieurs personnes dans le but de trouver une traduction du poême, ce travail fut réalisé par Madame Xing Liu et son oncle Zhan Da Quan. Voici la correspondance échangée et les documents. Merci à tous.
Anne Splingaerd Megowan several people who have applied in order to find a translation of the poem, this work was done by Liu Xing and his uncle Da Zhan Quan. Here is the correspondence and documents. Thank you all.

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From: 张大全 <daquanzh@yahoo.cn>

To: ASMegowan@aol.com

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:18:43 +0800 (CST)

Subject: More information of the fan?



Dear Ane



I am very glad to see the two letters you sent to me. I want know if my cousin has seen the photos about the items left by aunt Anna. Hope that the photo can bring him some good memories of childhood.


此外请您问一下 ~~~ 扇子的背面是什么,通常扇子的一面是字一面是画,画面书有落款,日期,如有这些内容将对我们深入了解此物更有用。

Ane, do you know what it is in the back side of the fan? Normally, one side of the fan should be painting and another side should be inscription. The paint normally inscribed with the name of painter and date. If you can provide these information, it will be more helpful for us to learn more of the fan.



About how zhang met Lin, it is very normal because there were not so big populations at that time, and the ancient house were more less. Another reason should also owe to the church. But aunt Anna and uncle maybe celebrated their wedding in Beijing or in Tianjin, because aunt Anna was sent to Beijing for study when she was teenage.



Hope that you can get to know more relatives and have more gains when you are in Belgium for the reunion.


Wish you a good trip


Zhang Da Quan

Poême sur l'éventail Poeme1

Poême original de Du Fu Poeme2

L'oncle de Anne Megowan, Zhang Da Quan, lui a fait parvenir une traduction anglaise de la partie qui se trouve sur l'éventail. La voici et merci à Anne et à Da Quan

Anne: "My grandmother left China with her daughter, Marguerite in the late 1940’s. They lived in Tokyo with another daughter, Marie, for a couple of years, then moved to Venezuela where two other daughters were. She died there without ever seeing China again. This fan was found among her belongings, and the poem she insribed on it was about homesickness, based on a poem by Dufu. It was translated by my uncle Zhang Da Quan in Xian":

A falling petal betokens spring's hasty decline;
Now myriads whirl in wind as many woes of mine.
So relish what remain on twigs ere they are gone,
And to the full indulge in cups and cups of wine.
A villa once hilarious, there kingfishers room;
Stone unicorns lie sideways on a lofty tomb.
If nature goes this way, make merry while I may;
Why care for empty fame, with all my life in gloom?

--Signed Zhang Ziyin (张子因), my grandmother’s Chinese name

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