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Ce droit de réponse, non sollicité, vous est proposé par le webmaster. Il concerne l'article précédent - Mariage à la chinoise.

Ce droit de réponse est exercé indirectement par la personne que j'ai mise en cause dans l'article précédent. Il ne m'a pas été adressé directement mais par la chaîne de relation que j'ai créée au long des cinq dernières années.

Je ferai mes commentaires dans un prochain Billet d'humeur.

Voici le e-mail qui correspond à la réaction de la personne intéressée. On remarquera qu'elle s'écarte du sujet mais je reproduis intégralement son texte. Celui-ci est adressé aux membres de la famille Alphonse Splingaerd.




This right of reply, unsolicited, is offered by the webmaster. It concerns the previous article - Marriage with Chinese characteristics.

This right of reply is exercised indirectly by the person I questioned in the previous article. I have not been addressed directly, but through the chain of relationship I have created over the last five years.

I'll make my comments in a future "ticket mood" or editorial.

Here is the email that is the reaction of the person concerned. We noted that she is irrelevant but I reproduce in full the text. It is sent to family members Alphonse Splingaerd.


My dear F.

Thank you for this translation, my computer lost the link to Google translate

which I had on my toolbar. I tried hard to retrieve it, will try more later.

Yes, I will send out an E-mail to all our immediate Alphonse Splingaerd family.

You have been with me from the beginning from the time we contacted the Belgium

Embassy in Beijing, the Embassy were willing to help us but needed the name of the

person for them to contact. Then you Frank, asked Anne and Angela for the name of

the Archivist whom you three met on you first trip to Lanzhou. No one gave you

Mr. Deng Ming's name, but someone did give Mr. Goens Mr. Deng Ming's name!

You are aware what Mr. Goens did to convince the Belgian first secretary that

(Annette was giving out wrong information and that he Mr. Goens was the trusted one

to receive all the Chinese documents from the Archivist in Lanzhou.) that was why

all the Chinese Lanzhou documents were redirected to Anne. Strange isn't it?? And

all the documents belonged to our grandfather Alphonse Splingaerd who continued

the contracts after his Dad Paul's demise. I, first contacted the Belgium Embassy,

how did Mr. Goens squeezed himself in and tried to throw me and you out???

I kept silent all this time, now is the ripe occasion to let Alphonse Splingaerd family

know what really transpired, and each will have to make up their own mind as whom

to believe. This evening I will finish my E-mail an answer to all you my close relatives

and relate more truth of our family history. May all be aware, that our grandmother

talked with our Gt-grandmother, also, lived with her or later nearby for quite some

time, so, our family history is not "Permanently lost" as Mr. Goens wants it to be.

I, recently called Lanzhou, and talked with our grandmother's relatives, we talked

a lot about family affairs and whatever my mother (Hortense) told me were all truth

and confirmed by our Lanzhou relatives. Wait for my next E-mail.

Love to all, AnnetteUSA

Nous attendons avec impatience la suite donnée par la signataire



Christian Goens


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